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LOS ANGELES Decron Properties is launching a new platform that will better integrate technology into multifamily assets. Today, tenants expect to be able to do everything from pay rent to have packages delivered to secure lockers. Technology is still making its way into multifamily, and there is yet to be any uniformity. Decron’s launch will push multifamily into the information age. To find out more, we sat down with Jerry Perezchica, director of marketing at Decron Properties, for an exclusive interview. What are multifamily tenants’ expectations for technology in multifamily?

Jerry Perezchica: The expectation is the ability to pay rent online, look up statement and payment activity, submit maintenance work orders. Having wifi available in clubhouse and common areas to work and relax. These are the bare minimum needed now. Tell me about the new technology program that you are launching at your properties?

Perezchica: We’ve been adding informational electronic kiosks in the lobbies to highlight property news and upcoming events. Using social media to communicate to resident events or property news. Instagram has been a popular channel to highlight an upcoming food truck or DJ by the pool activity we may have. With continued growth of Amazon and other Internet retailers, electronic package lockers are extremely popular. Residents can pick up items on their own 24/7. For prospects we are adding the ability to schedule an appointment directly and have synced seamlessly into onsite teams calendaring. What has the response been like from tenants?

Perezchica: Feedback has been extremely positive. Engagement and customer satisfaction surveys have steadily been improving. Immediacy and self-serve options are what customers are expecting. What is the future of technology in multifamily living?

Perezchica: More automation, paperless options, and integration with new systems.  With standard technology APIs being opened up it is becoming easier to adopt new systems into the workflow. Why has technology in multifamily lagged behind other property sectors?

Perezchica: There are large players in the multifamily industry, but overall, the majority are small and medium size companies that do not have the resources to invest a great deal in technology innovation. Nor do they necessarily need to. As systems are developed outside the industry and adopted by incumbent management technology platforms, multifamily owners can pick and choose what they would like adopt. In addition, these management systems have either focused on the accounting OR marketing functionality. They are now investing heavily in the integration of both. We are seeing increased acquisition activity to provide a full suite of services to multifamily owners. Owners have been increasing their investment in IT and marketing, so we can expect technology innovation start to catch up to other industries.

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