This year, supply has concentrated in a few select markets compared to 2016, according to data recently provided by real estate research firm Axiometrics. Of the top five universities that have the highest concentration of new off-campus bed supply, four are in Texas this year.

But in 2016, Texas represented just one of the top five universities to see the highest concentration of off-campus beds in their metropolitan statistical area (MSA) markets.

Louisiana State University, University of Florida, University of Maryland and Texas A&M rounded out the bottom four last year. University of Arkansas took the top spot in 2016.

Take a look at the five undergraduate schools where off-campus new deliveries are most highly concentrated in 2017.

5. Baylor University


About 1,500 new off-campus beds will be delivered in the MSA surrounding Baylor University. (Source: Axiometrics)

4. University of Houston


Approximately 1,550 new off-campus beds will enter the University of Houston market. (Source: Axiometrics)

3. Clemson University


For students attending this South Carolina university, 1,600 new off-campus beds are expected to come online. (Source: Axiometrics)

2. Texas A&M


Axiometrics expects that 2,330 new off-campus beds will be delivered to the MSA surrounding Texas A&M this year, ranking it in second place. It was also second place last in 2016. (Source: Axiometrics)

1. Texas Tech


The most new beds are concentrated around Texas Tech. About 3,730 new off-campus beds are expected to be delivered to house students at this research university, according to Axiometrics. (Source: Axiometrics)



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