Friday, August 12, 2022

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 13, 2017

 Reports are beginning to spread that the 1031 exchange, long-rumored to be under fire, could be eliminated if Congress passes even a moderate version...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 21, 2017

Policies outlaid by the Trump administration would not produce uniform effect on all sectors of commercial real estate, but some are interlinked closely enough...

Today’s CRE Scoops – July 11, 2017

Here come the sharks. Following months of blood-in-the-water reporting about brick-and-mortar retailers, some investors ears' may have perked. ProShares, which manages $27B in exchange...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 16, 2017

 Alternative asset manager Oz Management's Steve Orbuch has said in a Bloomberg interview his firm believes that "generally," U.S. commercial real estate pricing peaked...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 19, 2017

Forget multifamily. The next big oversupply concern appears to be office-related. Cushman & Wakefield's Global Chief Economist Kevin Thorpe has said a “scary” amount...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 27, 2017

 With Berkshire Hathaway's 9.8% purchase of Store Capital Corp.'s REIT stock, Warren Buffet makes his stance on retail real estate more clear. The REIT...

Today’s CRE Scoops – December 4, 2019

Atlanta-based Jamestown, the institutionally backed developer that operates New York City's Chelsea Market and has closed record-breaking property deals with Google, is going direct...

Major JV Acquisitions Reportedly Underway in DC

1101 New York Ave is captured above in a photo taken by KRJDA. A joint venture between foreign investors - Norwegian global pension fund...

Today’s CRE Scoops – December 12, 2019

Next year, the commercial real estate industry is watching for spillover effects from five major political issues, Real Estate Roundtable CEO Jeff DeBoer and...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 12, 2017

 Public sector investors will increase their allocations in real estate and infrastructure, but reduce exposure to government bonds, according to an annual survey by...