Friday, September 30, 2022

Today’s CRE Scoops – December 2, 2019

Online shoppers are expected to spend a record $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday, following a record Black Friday that saw $5.4 billion in sales....

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 23, 2017

Developers and city planners are already digesting what a future of Uber-style ride-hailing and driverless cars means for building and land-use decisions. Examples of...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 30, 2017

Investment research/investment management firm Morningstar has released its latest (and quite thorough) analysis on REITs and commercial property valuations. REITs are currently in a...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 12, 2017

 Public sector investors will increase their allocations in real estate and infrastructure, but reduce exposure to government bonds, according to an annual survey by...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 8, 2017

 By approving the Financial CHOICE Act on June 8, House Republicans assailed the Dodd-Frank Act, by resolving to make null the Volcker Rule and reducing...

Today’s CRE Scoops – December 5, 2019

As retailers across the country navigate brick-and-mortar resets, the dollar store sector keeps buzzing along. According to a recent earnings analysis by industry publication...

Today’s CRE Scoops – December 6, 2019

WeWork's woes aside, the coworking industry will continue to gain traction as tenants push for more flexibility in their use of office space... but...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 20, 2017

Commercial deal volumes remain down so far this year. Total first-quarter deal volume fell below $100B, registering at about $90B. Quarterly deal volume has...

Today’s CRE Scoops – July 11, 2017

Here come the sharks. Following months of blood-in-the-water reporting about brick-and-mortar retailers, some investors ears' may have perked. ProShares, which manages $27B in exchange...

Today’s 7 CRE Scoops – June 19, 2017

Forget multifamily. The next big oversupply concern appears to be office-related. Cushman & Wakefield's Global Chief Economist Kevin Thorpe has said a “scary” amount...